Orange Bees Named SC’s #1 Fastest Growing Company

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Friday, November 1st, 2019

Orange Bees, a Greenville-based software development firm, was named South Carolina’s #1 fastest growing company in a recent awards ceremony at the Columbia Convention Center. The competition was presented by The Capital Corporation and co-sponsored by several South Carolina establishments including PNC Bank, Keenan Suggs, A.T. Locke, and Integrated Publishing.

In order to qualify, each business must be headquartered in South Carolina, operational for three years or more, and show minimum revenue of $3 million within the last fiscal year. Qualifying companies were ranked based on the last three years (2016, 2017, 2018) of income and employment growth.

Orange Bees was recognized as the fastest growing company, topping the list of twenty-five South Carolina businesses.

Corey Crowley, Orange Bee’s CTO, attributes the company’s success largely to the outstanding talent that drives the business. “…Everybody is highly technical, and on some level, I think that sets us apart from other companies like us,” said Crowley. Orange Bees CEO Robert Sincavage agrees, “There’s world-class talent here and there’s world-class customers here.”

Of the twenty-five South Carolina businesses that received recognition, ten are headquartered in Greenville.