International Collaboration Offers USC Aiken Degrees to Indian Students

Staff Report From Aiken CEO

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

The University of South Carolina Aiken and Ajeenkya DY Patil University (ADYPU) have teamed up once again, this time to offer students in India access to an innovative liberal arts program and ultimately a degree from USC Aiken.

The collaboration gives ADYPU students the opportunity to study the same curriculum as USC Aiken while they're in India. For those interested in a study abroad program, ADYPU students can successfully transfer all their credits to USC Aiken. Through this bachelor's program, ADYPU students will gain global immersive experiences in history, literature, politics, media, law, business and cultural studies, according to administrators.

"Since times immemorial, we are privileged that India has a long tradition of multidisciplinary and holistic learning systems," said Dr. Hrridaysh Deshpande, president of ADYPU.

"Our ancient scriptures described education as knowledge of all arts-which is coined as liberal arts in contemporary times-which needs to be revived in modern higher education system.

Both he and the chancellor of USC Aiken agree that a liberal arts education helps achieve intellectual acumen and develops an ability to comprehend complex and dynamic intercultural, economic and geopolitical economic nuances. The partnership will help guide students as they generate innovative ideas, ultimately, turning them into creative thinkers who understand major topics of global and national importance and who are capable of solving dynamic problems of the contemporary world.

"Regardless of the career paths our graduates choose, a strong liberal arts education is critical to their success long after they leave the university," said Dr. Sandra Jordan, USC Aiken chancellor.

"Every professional needs to have the ability to analyze and explore new ideas, differing perspectives, and insights into different cultures and periods of our shared history.

"A foundation steeped in the liberal arts hones our students' critical thinking, problem solving, informed decision making, and oral and written communication skills."

This new element of the relationship between USC Aiken and ADYPU enhances a mutually beneficial partnership that both institutions have enjoyed for some time.

"We are pleased to expand our longstanding partnership with ADYPU by teaming up with them in this way," Jordan said.

"Together, we will prepare our graduates for the global community in which we are now engaged and living in, a community where, through shared experiences, we can make the world and our corner in it so much better."