USC Aiken Orientation Leaders Named

Staff Report From Aiken CEO

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

The University of South Carolina Aiken has named its pacesetters for 2019.

These student-leaders conduct orientation, introducing incoming freshmen and transfer students to the university.

"Incoming students can confide in, learn from, and strive for success with the help of their pacesetter," said Caron Williams, a pacesetter team leader.

"The first friend that incoming students will meet at USC Aiken is a pacesetter.

"Pacesetters define what it means to pursue leadership and service by acting as a mentor to new students at USC Aiken."

Those selected to serve as pacesetters are:

Brandon Ayer

Samuel Boyd

McKenzie Bray

Airyhana Brown

Joshua Capers

Suzanna Ciuffo

Falcone Dunlap

Lauren Effler

O'livia Felton

Abigail Gates

Addison Kreisher

Aubry Melvin

Evan Morris

Nick Morris

Catherine Pullan

Q'Ladrin Qourters

Q'May Qourters

Tucker Rayfield

Alexis Rohrer

Mason Spires

Kelsey Spurlin

Bethany Trotter

Nicholas Wiznitzer

Joshua Whitley