USC Aiken Faculty Receive Research Grants

Staff Report From Aiken CEO

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

The University of South Carolina announced that nine USC Aiken faculty members received grants for their summer research.

The Research Initiative for Summer Engagement, or RISE, program was initiated in 2012 to support summer research for faculty members at USC's system campuses, including Palmetto College and online degree programs.

"RISE is an outstanding program to support research and scholarly activity for our faculty," said Dr. Chad Leverette, director of sponsored research at USC Aiken.

"Our faculty continue to be very successful in receiving this funding. This year, we had a 60 percent funding rate, which is a lot higher than the average for grant proposals."

Now in its seventh year, the RISE program provides summer support for faculty in all disciplines to engage in a wide variety of research and scholarship activities. RISE employs a competitive application process to provide funds for summer salary, research supplies, travel related to research, and undergraduate student support to bolster scholarship throughout the USC system. Along with helping faculty develop research programs, RISE also aims to equip regional and senior campuses to better serve their local communities as well as to support the larger university mission.

"I saw a need to create a system by which our regional and senior faculty have the time release to develop their research programs in the summer months, said Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti, USC's vice president for research.

USC Aiken faculty who earned RISE scholarship support include:

Dr. Eric Carlson for his project: Festschrift in Honor of Shaun F.D. Hughes

Dr. Jeremy Culler for his project: Addressing the Role of Space in the Art of the Italian Modern Artist Livio Orazio Valentini

Dr. Gayle Faught for her project: Trajectories of Sustained Attention, Short-Term Memory, and Language in Down Syndrome

Dr. Nicholas Marshall for his project: Unsubstituted conjugated polymer brushes for durable organic photovoltaics

Dr. Philip Mason for his project: Factors Affecting Police Discretion in Intimate Partner Violence Arrest Decisions in a Small Southern Town

Dr. Adam Pazda for his project: Extraversion Predicts Gaze Attention Toward Pictures Varying in Chroma Content

Dr. Kristina Ramstad for her project: Bioinformatic analysis of RADCap data from the threatened American wood stork (Mycteria americana)

Dr. Kenneth Roberts for his project: 2,4'-Dihydroxyacetophenone Dioxygenase (DAD): Metal-Dependence and Steady-State Kinetics

Dr. Laura Swain for her project: The effect of acetaminophen on pain empathy and mu rhythm suppression