Atlantic Broadband Announces Automatic Internet Speed Increases at No Cost for South Carolina Residential Customers

Staff Report From Aiken CEO

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Atlantic Broadband, the nation's 9th largest cable operator, announced significant internet speed increases for residents in Aiken, South Carolina and surrounding areas it serves including Graniteville, Jackson, New Ellenton, and Warrenville.  Atlantic Broadband is automatically increasing residential internet speeds and doubling download speeds for most customers at no additional cost.

With these faster and more powerful speeds, residents can surf, stream, download, work and game online at the same time, with greatly enhanced reliability and productivity. The speed increases are being delivered automatically to customers based on their internet package:

“Our customers are multitasking every day on more than a dozen connected devices in the home, so reliable, high-performance Internet is essential,” said Debbie Eblen, Atlantic Broadband’s Vice President and General Manager, South Carolina. “We are pleased to continue our investment in broadband technology to meet these needs, while providing superfast internet speeds and enhanced value for our customers.”

In addition to today’s speed increases for current customers, Atlantic Broadband also launched a new “Extreme” internet package with market-leading download speeds up to 400 Mbps.

These new offerings join Atlantic Broadband’s Gigabit internet service—GigaEdge—for customers that have even more demanding data needs. GigaEdge speeds, which clock in at 1,000 Mbps/50 Mbps, enable users to download a two-hour HD movie in 32 seconds and send a large file (250 MB) in just 40 seconds. Atlantic Broadband is offering a free three-month upgrade to GigaEdge for new customers for a limited period. To learn more about this offering, visit